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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Photophysical properties of charge transfer pairs encapsulated inside macrocycle cage: A density functional theory studyBandyopadhyay, Arkamita; Pati, Swapan Kumar
2015Free volume under shearMaiti, Moumita; Vinutha, H. A.; Sastry, Srikanth; Heussinger, Claus
2015Unraveling the success and failure of mode coupling theory from consideration of entropyNandi, Manoj Kumar; Banerjee, Atreyee; Sengupta, Shiladitya; Sastry, Srikanth; Bhattacharyya, Sarika Maitra
2015Atomistic simulations of liquid-liquid coexistence in confinement: comparison of thermodynamics and kinetics with bulkDas, Subir K.
2015Accuracy of Current All-Atom Force-Fields in Modeling Protein Disordered StatesPalazzesi, Ferruccio; Prakash, Meher K.; Bonomi, Massimiliano; Barducci, Alessandro
2015Theoretical understanding of two-photon-induced fluorescence of isomorphic nucleoside analogsSamanta, Pralok K.; Pati, Swapan Kumar
2015Ferroelectric Polymer Matrix for Probing Molecular Organization in Perylene DiimidesChellappan, Kishore V.; Kandappa, Sunil Kumar; Rajaram, Sridhar; Narayan, K. S.
2015Temperature driven p-n-p type conduction switching materials: current trends and future directionsGuin, Satya N.; Biswas, Kanishka
2015A Comparison of Charge Separation Dynamics in Organic Blend Films Employing Fullerene and Perylene Diimide Electron AcceptorsShoaee, Safa; Deledalle, Florent; Tuladhar, Pabitra Shakya; Shivanna, Ravichandran; Rajaram, Sridhar; Narayan, K. S.; Durrant, James R.
2015Effect of pore occupancy on the acoustic properties of zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF)-8: A Brillouin spectroscopic study at ambient and low temperaturesRadhakrishnan, Dhanya; Narayana, Chandrabhas