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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A switch-on near-infrared fluorescence-ready probe for Cu(I): live cell imagingMaity, Debabrata; Raj, Anand; Karthigeyan, D.; Kundu, Tapas Kumar; Govindaraju, T.
2015Double zipper helical assembly of deoxyoligonucleotides: mutual templating and chiral imprinting to form hybrid DNA ensemblesNarayanaswamy, Nagarjun; Suresh, Gorle; Priyakumar, U. Deva; Govindaraju, T.
2015Bioinspired Nanoarchitectonics of Naphthalene Diimide to Access 2D Sheets of Tunable Size, Shape, and Optoelectronic PropertiesPandeeswar, M.; Govindaraju, T.
2014Nanoarchitectonics of biomolecular assemblies for functional applicationsAvinash, M. B.; Govindaraju, T.
2014Biomimetic molecular organization of naphthalene diimide in the solid state: tunable (chiro-) optical, viscoelastic and nanoscale propertiesPandeeswar, M.; Khare, Harshavardhan; Ramakumar, Suryanarayanarao; Govindaraju, T.
2014Synthesis of Hybrid Cyclic Peptoids and Identification of Autophagy EnhancerRajasekhar, Kolla; Narayanaswamy, Nagarjun; Mishra, Piyush; Suresh, S. N.; Manjithaya, Ravi; Govindaraju, T.
2016Stimuli-responsive colorimetric and NIR fluorescence combination probe for selective reporting of cellular hydrogen peroxideNarayanaswamy, Nagarjun; Narra, Sivakrishna; Nair, Raji R.; Saini, Deepak Kumar; Kondaiah, Paturu; Govindaraju, T.
2016A molecular beacon-based DNA switch for reversible pH sensing in vesicles and live cellsNarayanaswamy, Nagarjun; Nair, Raji R.; Suseela, Y. V.; Saini, Deepak Kumar; Govindaraju, T.
2015Function and toxicity of amyloid beta and recent therapeutic interventions targeting amyloid beta in Alzheimer's diseaseRajasekhar, K.; Chakrabarti, Malabika; Govindaraju, T.
2015Crystallographic insight-guided nanoarchitectonics and conductivity modulation of an n-type organic semiconductor through peptide conjugationPandeeswar, M.; Khare, Harshavardhan; Ramakumar, Suryanarayanarao; Govindaraju, T.