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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990-12-05Interaction Of Spermatid-Specific Protein-Tp2 With Nucleic-Acids, Invitro - A Comparative-Study With Tp1Baskaran, Rajasekaran; Rao, M R S
2007-03Rage gene promoter polymorphisms and diabetic retinopathy in a clinic-based population from South IndiaRamprasad, S; Radha, V; Mathias, R A; Majumder, P P; Rao, M R S; Rema, M
2009-10-23Acetylation of Transition Protein 2 (TP2) by KAT3B (p300) Alters Its DNA Condensation Property and Interaction with Putative Histone Chaperone NPM3Pradeepa, Madapura M; Nikhil, Gupta; Kishore, Annavarapu Hari; Bharath, Giriyapura N; Kundu, Tapas K; Rao, M R S
2012-01An In Vitro, Short-Term Culture Method for Mammalian Haploid Round Spermatids Amenable for Molecular ManipulationDehnugara, Tushna; Dhar, Surbhi; Rao, M R S
2007-04Lack of association between serum adiponectin levels and the Pro12Ala polymorphism in Asian IndiansRadha, V; Vimaleswaran, K S; Babu, S; Deepa, R; Anjana, M; Ghosh, S; Majumder, P P; Rao, M R S; Mohan, V
2003-07-15Molecular modeling of the chromatosome particleBharath, M M S; Chandra, Nagasuma R; Rao, M R S
2002-10Prediction of an HMG-Box Fold in the C-Terminal Domain of Histone H1: Insights Into Its Role in DNACondensationBharath, M M S; Chandra, Nagasuma R; Rao, M R S
2007-07ASCL1 (achaete-scute homolog 1 or achaete-scute complex homolog 1)Ladha, Jayashree S; Rao, M R S
1999-02CpG Islands in Chromatin Organization and Gene ExpressionKundu, Tapas K; Rao, M R S
2001-11-06Generation of Multiple Site-Specific Mutations by Polymerase Chain ReactionMeetei, Amom Ruhikanta; Rao, M R S