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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-12-19Reversible Pressure-Induced Amorphization in Solid C70-Raman and Photoluminescence StudyNarayana, Chandrabhas; Sood, A K; Muthu, D V S; Bharathi, A; Hariharan, Y; Rao, C N R
1994-01-07Raman study of the doped fullerene C60·TDAEMuthu, D V S; Sashikala, M N; Sood, A K; Seshadri, R; Rao, C N R
1991-10-10Fullerenes from flamesPradeep, T; Rao, C N R
1991-12-26Interaction of Nitrogen with Fullerenes : Nitrogen Derivatives of C60 and C70Pradeep, T; Vijayakrishnan, V; Santra, A K; Rao, C N R
1991-10Buckminsterfullerene, C60 : Improved synthesis, electron microscopy, electron states, anions and related aspectsPradeep, T; D'Souza, F; Subbanna, G N; Krishnan, V; Rao, C N R
1995-11-16Polymerization and Pressure-Induced Amorphization of C60 and C70Rao, C N R; Govindaraj, A; Aiyer, Hemantkumar N; Seshadri, Ram
1996-03Erratum - Orientational disorder and other aspects of C70 and C60 - C70 films deposited on single-crystal substratesAiyer, Hemantkumar N; Govindaraj, A; Rao, C N R
1992-07-10Photophysical properties of the fullerenes, C60 and C70Palit, D K; Sapre, A V; Mittal, J P; Rao, C N R
1992-10-02Dynamics of charge transfer in the excited amine complexes of the fullerenes C60 and C70.: A picosecond laser flash photolysis studyPalit, D K; Ghosh, H N; Pal, H; Sapre, A V; Mittal, J P; Seshadri, Ram; Rao, C N R
1993-04-15Orientational phase transitions in C70: A Raman spectroscopic investigationNarayana, Chandrabhas; Jayaram, K; Muthu, D V S; Sood, A K; Seshadri, Ram; Rao, C N R