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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A simple single-source precursor route to the nanostructures of AlN, GaN and InNSardar, Kripasindhu; Dan, Meenakshi; Schwenzer, Birgit; Rao, C N R
2008-05Supramolecular Organization in Lead Bromide Salts of Imidazolium-Based Ionic LiquidsThirumurugan, A; Rao, C N R
2009-05-01Nanocrystalline Janus films of inorganic materials prepared at the liquid–liquid interfaceBiswas, Kanishka; Rao, C N R
2006-09Soft chemical approaches to inorganic nanostructuresRao, C N R; Agrawal, Ved Varun; Biswas, Kanishka; Gautam, Ujjal K; Ghosh, Moumita; Govindaraj, A; Kulkarni, G U; Kalyanikutty, K P; Sardar, Kripasindhu; Vivekchandi, S R C
2009Functionalization and solubilization of inorganic nanostructures and carbon nanotubes by employing organosilicon and organotin reagentsGomathi, A; Hoseini, S Jafar; Rao, C N R
2009Mechanical properties of nanodiamond-reinforced polymer-matrix compositesMaitra, Urmimala; Prasad, K Eswar; Ramamurty, U; Rao, C N R
2004-02-21Dip-pen lithography using aqueous metal nanocrystal dispersionsThomas, P John; Kulkarni, G U; Rao, C N R
2008-02-21Growth Kinetics of ZnO Nanorods: Capping-Dependent Mechanism and Other Interesting FeaturesBiswas, Kanishka; Das, Barun; Rao, C N R
2004-12-07Template-free chemical route to ultrathin single-crystalline films of CuS and CuO employing the liquid-liquid interfaceGautam, U K; Ghosh, M; Rao, C N R
2009-08Implications and consequences of ferromagnetism universally exhibited by inorganic nanoparticlesSundaresan, A; Rao, C N R