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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Regulation of SOX8 gene by a long non coding RNA mrhl in mouse spermatogonial cellsRao, M.R.S.; Meenakshi, P.
2021The flow topology around anisotropic particles in planar shearing flows and discretization of stochastic partial differential equationsSubramanian, Ganesh; Ansumali, Santosh; Banerjee, Mahan Raj
2019Assembly dynamics and structure-function analysis of an unusual kinetochore in the pathogenic basidiomycetous budding yeast cryptococcus neoformansSanyal, Kaustuv; Sridhar, Shreyas
2020Regulation of the biofilm development at the chromatin level in candida albicansSanyal, Kaustuv; Singha, Rima
2020Enhancing CFL barrier for transient systemsAnsumali, Santosh; Diwakar S.V.; Soni, Nishant
2020Tailored plasmonic nano architectures for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and its applications in probing biomolecular interactionsNarayana, Chandrabhas; Aggarwal, Shantanu
2019Role of nucleoplasmin family of histone chaperones, NPM1 and NPM2, in the regulation of transcriptionKundu, Tapas K.; Dey, Suchismita
2021First-principles phonon-spectral analysis and deformation response of MOFs: Boson Peak, amorphization and generalized flexibilityWaghmare, Umesh V.; Bhogra, Meha
2021Computational studies of a few heterogeneous and homogeneous electrocatalytic conversion processes for renewable energyPati, Swapan K.; Bothra, Neha
2020Penta-twinned bipyramidal Au microcrystallites: Unraveling non-cubic phases and investigating phase transformationsKulkarni, G. U.; Sow, Chaitali