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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Swinging Symmetry, Multiple Structural Phase Transitions, and Versatile Physical Properties in RECuGa3 (RE = La-Nd, Sm-Gd)Subbarao, Udumula; Rayaprol, Sudhindra; Dally, Rebecca; Graf, Michael J.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Enhanced Air Stability in REPb3 (RE = Rare Earths) by Dimensional Reduction Mediated Valence TransitionSubbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Jana, Rajkumar; Bera, Sourav S.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2015Modelling Gas Adsorption in Porous Solids: Roles of Surface Chemistry and Pore ArchitectureBonakala, Satyanarayana; Balasubramanian, Sundaram
2015BN-Graphene Composites Generated by Covalent Cross-Linking with Organic LinkersKumar, Ram; Gopalakrishnan, K.; Ahmad, Irshad; Rao, C. N. R.
2015Solution processed nanomanufacturing of SERS substrates with random Ag nanoholes exhibiting uniformly high enhancement factorsGupta, Ritu; Siddhanta, Soumik; Mettela, Gangaiah; Chakraborty, Swati; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Kulkarni, G. U.
2015Graphene/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Composites Generated by Covalent Cross-LinkingPramoda, K.; Kumar, Ram; Rao, C. N. R.
2016-12-06Interface engineering of quantum dot heterostructures for optoelectronic applications and /or mangetic propertiesViswanatha, Ranjani; Saha, Avijit
2010Contributions to the chemistry of metal nitrides and inorganic nanomaterialsRao, C.N.R.; Gomathi, A.
2014Room temperature conversion of metal oxides (MO, M = Zn, Cd and Mg) to peroxides: insight into a novel, scalable and recyclable synthesis leading to their lowest decomposition temperaturesLingampalli, S. R.; Gautam, Ujjal K.
2016Unraveling the Role of Monovalent Halides in Mixed-Halide Organic-Inorganic PerovskitesDeepa, Melepurath; Ramos, F. Javier; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Ahmad, Shahzada