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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A bimodal anionic MOF: turn-off sensing of Cu-II and specific sensitization of Eu-IIIBhattacharyya, Sohini; Chakraborty, Anindita; Jayaramulu, Kolleboyina; Hazra, Arpan; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Two 3D metal-organic frameworks of Cd(II): modulation of structures and porous properties based on linker functionalitiesHaldar, Ritesh; Bonakala, Satyanarayana; Kanoo, Prakash; Balasubramanian, Sundaram; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Two 3D supramolecular frameworks assembled from the dinuclear building block: A crystallographic evidence of carboxylate(O)center dot center dot center dot pi interactionMohapatra, Sudip; Roy, Syamantak; Ghoshal, Debajyoti; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2016Coordination polymer gels: soft metal-organic supramolecular materials and versatile applicationsSutar, Papri; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2016Luminescent Metal-Organic Complexes of Pyrene or Anthracene Chromophores: Energy Transfer Assisted Amplified Exciplex Emission and Al3+ SensingHaldar, Ritesh; Prasad, Kornai; Samanta, Pralok Kumar; Pati, Swapan Kumar; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2016Reversible Polymorphism, Liquid Crystallinity, and Stimuli-Responsive Luminescence in a Bola-amphiphilic pi-System: Structure-Property Correlations Through Nanoindentation and DFT CalculationsRoy, Syamantak; Hazra, Arpan; Bandyopadhyay, Arkamita; Raut, Devraj; Madhuri, P. Lakshmi; Rao, D. S. Shankar; Ramamurty, Upadrasta; Pati, Swapan Kumar; Prasad, S. Krishna; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2016A discrete Cu-6(II) cluster and a 3D Mn-II-Cu-II framework based on assembly of Mn2Cu4 clusters: synthesis, structure and magnetic propertiesChakraborty, Anindita; Escuer, Albert; Ribas, Joan; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2016Dynamic, conjugated microporous polymers: visible light harvesting via guest-responsive reversible swellingRao, K. Venkata; Haldar, Ritesh; Maji, Tapas Kumar; George, Subi Jacob
2016MOF-aminoclay composites for superior CO2 capture, separation and enhanced catalytic activity in chemical fixation of CO2Chakraborty, Anindita; Achari, Amritroop; Eswaramoorthy, M.; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2016Self-cleaning MOF: realization of extreme water repellence in coordination driven self-assembled nanostructuresRoy, Syamantak; Suresh, Venkata M.; Maji, Tapas Kumar