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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973-08A Model for the Regulation of delta-Aminolaevulinate Synthetase Induction in Rat LiverPadmanaban, Govindarajan; Rao, M R S; Malathi, Krishnamachari
2006-05Role of genetic polymorphism peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma 2 Pro12Ala on ethnic susceptibility to diabetes in South-Asian and Caucasian subjectsRadha, V; Vimaleswaran, Karani S; Babu, H N S; Abate, Nicola; Chandalia, Manisha; Satija, Pankaj; Grundy, Scott M; Ghosh, Saurabh; Majumder, Partha P; Deepa, Raj; Rao, M R S; Mohan, Viswanathan
2008-07A novel noncoding RNA processed by Drosha is restricted to nucleus in mouseGanesan, Gayatri; Rao, M R S
2006-01-01HUMHOT: a database of human meiotic recombination hot spotsNishant, K T; Kumar, Chetan; Rao, M R S
2006-01Molecular features of meiotic recombination hot spotsNishant, K T; Rao, M R S
1979Isolation and Characterization of Binding Proteins for Retinol from the Cytosol, Nucleosol and Chromatin of the Oviduct Magnum of Laying HensRao, M R S; Prasad, V R; Padmanaban, Govindarajan; Ganguly, Jagannath
1995-12-15DNA- and Chromatin-Condensing Properties of Rat Testes Hla and Hlt Compared to Those of Rat Liver Hlbdec: Hlt Is a Poor Condenser of ChromatinKhadake, Jyoti R; Rao, M R S
1987Identification of a Meiotic Prophase-specific Nuclear Matrix Protein in the RatBehal, Amita; Prakash, Kulkarni; Rao, M R S
2006-12-01CREMOFAC—a database of chromatin remodeling factorsShipra, Agrawal; Chetan, Kumar; Rao, M R S
2009-07-01Identification of a novel nucleolin related protein (NRP) gene expressed during rat spermatogenesisChathoth, Keerthi T; Ganesan, Gayatri; Rao, M R S