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Title: Fullerenes and carbon nanotubes
Authors: Rao, C N R
Sen, Rahul
Govindaraj, A
Keywords: Pressure-Induced Amorphization
Solid C-60
Orientational Disorder
Arc Evaporation
Issue Date: Apr-1996
Publisher: Current Science Ltd
Citation: Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 1(2), 279-284 (1996)
Abstract: The discovery of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and other carbon forms has added a new dimension to materials science. Recent research has led to advances in our knowledge of phase transitions of fullerenes, their magnetic, optical and superconducting properties, and fullerene thin films, and has broadened the repertoire of types of manipulations of nanotubes.
Description: Review. Restricted Access.
Other Identifiers: 1359-0286
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