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Title: Effect of the Internal Pressure Due to the A-Site Cations on the Giant Magnetoresistance and Related Properties of Doped Rare Earth Manganates, Ln1-xAxMnO3 (Ln = La, Nd, Gd, Y; A = Ca, Sr, Ba, Pb)
Authors: Mahesh, R
Mahendiran, R
Raychaudhuri, A K
Rao, C N R
Keywords: A-Site Cations
Giant Magnetoresistance
Doped Rare Earth Manganates
ferromagnetic transition temperature
paramagnetic insulator regimes
Issue Date: 15-Nov-1995
Publisher: Academic Press Inc JNL Comp Subscriptions
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry 120(1), 204–207 (1995)
Abstract: Based on an extensive study of a large variety of rare earth manganates (rare earth = La, Nd, Gd, or Y) with Ca, Sr, Ba, and Pb as the substituents, as well as of LaMnO3 samples with varying Mn4+ content, it is shown that the ferromagnetic transition temperature, Tc, as well as the insulator-metal (I-M) transition temperature, Tp , increases with the weighted average radius of the A-cations, 〈rA〉, showing a maximum at 1.23 ± 0.01 Å. The essentially linear region (〈rA〉 = 1.18-1.24 Å) demarcates the ferromagnetic metal and paramagnetic insulator regimes. The peak resistivity at the I-M transition, as well as the magnitude of the magnetoresistance (MR), decreases with increasing 〈rA〉. Only below a 〈rA〉 of 1.23 ± 0.01 Å is the MR greater than 50%.
Description: Letter. Restricted Access.
Other Identifiers: 0022-4596
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