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Title: Fullerenes, nanotubes, onions and related carbon structures
Authors: Rao, C N R
Seshadri, Ram
Govindaraj, A
Sen, Rahul
Keywords: Fullerenes
Single-Crystal C-60
Orientational-Ordering Transition
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy
Lattice Phonon Modes
Inelastic Neutron-Scattering
Nanoscale Graphitic Tubules
Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Metal-Doped C60
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1995
Publisher: Elsevier Science SA Lausanne
Citation: Materials Science and Engineering : R : Reports 15(6), 209-262 (1995)
Abstract: Fullerenes, containing five- and six-membered carbon rings, of which C-60 and C-70 are the prominent members, exhibit phase transitions associated with orientational ordering. When C-60 is suitably doped with electrons, it shows novel superconducting and magnetic properties. We review these and other properties of fullerenes in bulk or in film form along with the preparative and structural aspects. Carbon nanotubes and onions (hyperfullerenes) are the other forms of carbon whose material properties have aroused considerable interest. Besides discussing these new forms of carbon, we briefly introduce other possible forms, such as those involving five-, six- and seven-membered rings and hybrids between diamond and graphite.
Description: Review. Restricted Access.
Other Identifiers: 0927-796X
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