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Title: Cation Migration and Coercivity in Mixed Copper–Cobalt Spinel Ferrite Powders
Authors: Tailhades, Ph
Villette, C
Rousset, A
Kulkarni, G U
Kannan, K R
Rao, C N R
Lenglet, M
Keywords: Magnetic-Properties
Induced Anisotropy
Issue Date: 15-Nov-1998
Publisher: Academic Press Inc
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry 141(1), 56-63 (1998)
Abstract: Mixed cobalt-copper spinel ferrites CoxCu1-xFe2O4 with acicular shape, prepared from oxalate precursors at moderate temperatures, have been investigated by several techniques to relate the coercivity With structure. The cation distribution in these ferrites is sensitive to the thermal history of the samples. Cation migration occurs during annealing in the 200-600 degrees C range in samples quenched from 710 degrees C and in the 350-600 degrees C range in slowly cooled samples. Because of shape anisotropy, tetragonal distortion, and directional order, coercivities from about 1500 to 4000 Oe are obtained in these ferrites. (C) 1998 Academic Press.
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Other Identifiers: 0022-4596
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