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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-09-28Sevenfold Coordinated MgSe: Experimental Internal Atom Position Determination to 146 GPa, Diffraction Studies to 202 GPa, and Theoretical Studies to 500 GPaRuoff, A L; Ho, A C; Pai, M F; Luo, H; Greene, R G; Chandrabhas, Narayana; Molstad, J C; Trail, S S; DiSalvo, F J; van Camp, P E
2014Pressure-induced structural changes and insulator-metal transition in layered bismuth triiodide, BiI3: a combined experimental and theoretical studyDevidas, T. R.; Shekar, N. V. Chandra; Sundar, C. S.; Chithaiah, P.; Sorb, Y. A.; Bhadram, V. S.; Chandrabhas, Narayana; Pal, K.; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Rao, C. N. R.
2005-06Nanostructured barium titanate prepared through a modified reverse micellar route: Structural distortion and dielectric propertiesAhmad, Tokeer; Kavitha, Gnanasundaram; Chandrabhas, Narayana; Ganguli, Ashok K
1995-04-01Phonon interference in BaTiO3: High-pressure Raman studySood, A K; Chandrabhas, Narayana; Muthu, D V S; Jayaraman, N
1997-12-01Phase transformation of BeS and equation-of-state studies to 96 GPaChandrabhas, Narayana; Nesamony, V J; Ruoff, A L
1994-05Structure and vibrational properties of carbon tubulesChandrabhas, Narayana; Sood, A K; Sundararaman, D; Raju, S; Raghunathan, V S; Rao, G V N; Sastry, V S; Radhakrishnan, T S R; Hariharan, Y; Bharathi, A; Sundar, C S
1990-05-08Raman investigations of diamond films prepared by combustion flamesHarshavardhan, K S; Vijayaraghavan, M N; Chandrabhas, Narayana; Sood, A K
2000-01Use of focused ion beams for making tiny sample holes in gaskets for diamond anvil cellsOrloff, J; Chandrabhas, Narayana; Ruoff, A L