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Title: Dielectric properties of glasses prepared by quenching melts of superconducting Bi‐Ca‐Sr‐Cu‐O cuprates
Authors: Varma, K B R
Subbanna, G N
Ramakrishnan, T V
Rao, C N R
Keywords: High−Tc Superconductors
Dielectric Properties
Amorphous State
Type−Ii Superconductors
Bismuth Oxides
Copper Oxides
Calcium Oxides
Strontium Oxides
Electric Conductivity
Microwave Radiation
Issue Date: 3-Jul-1989
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Applied Physics Letters 55(1), 75-77 (1989)
Abstract: Glasses obtained from quenching melts of superconducting bismuth cuprates of the formula Bi2(Ca,Sr)n+1CunO2n+4 with n=1 and 3 exhibit novel dielectric properties. They possess relatively high dielectric constants as well as high electrical conductivity. The novel dielectric properties of these cuprate glasses are likely to be of electronic origin. They exhibit a weak microwave absorption due to the presence of microcrystallites
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Other Identifiers: 0003-6951
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