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Title: Nanostructured advanced materials. Perspectives and directions
Authors: Jortner, Joshua
Rao, C N R
Keywords: Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Size Dependence
Semiconductor Clusters
Metal Nanoparticles
Artificial Atoms
Mercury Clusters
Neutral Atoms
Quantum Dots
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: International Union Pure Applied Chemistry
Citation: Pure And Applied Chemistry 74(9), 1491-1506 (2002)
Abstract: A focus of frontline interdisciplinary research today is the development of the conceptual framework and the experimental background of the science of nanostructured materials and the perspectives of its technological applications. We consider some current directions in the preparation, characterization, manipulation, and interrogation of nanomaterials, in conjunction with the modeling of the unique structure-dynamics-function relations of nanostructures and their assemblies. The implications of quantum size and shape effects on the energetics, nuclear-electronic level structure, electric-optical response and dynamics, reveal new unique physical phenomena that qualitatively differ from those of the bulk matter and provide avenues for the control of the function of nanostructures. Current applications in the realm of nanoelectronics, nanooptoelectronics, and information nanoprocessing are addressed, and other directions highlighted. Chemical sciences make a central contribution to this novel and exciting scientific-technological area.
Other Identifiers: 0033-4545
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