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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-11-17Synthesis and characterization of magnetic iron sulfide nanowiresNath, Manashi; Choudhury, Amitava; Kundu, Ashish; Rao, C N R
2008-09Metal Complexes of Organophosphate Esters and Open-Framework Metal Phosphates: Synthesis, Structure, Transformations, and ApplicationsMurugavel, R; Choudhury, Amitava; Walawalkar, M G; Pothiraja, R; Rao, C N R
2004-04-20Synthesis, Structure, and the Unusual Magnetic Properties of an Amine-Templated Iron(II) Sulfate Possessing the Kagome LatticeRao, C N R; Sampathkumaran, E V; Nagarajan, R; Paul, Geo; Behera, J N; Choudhury, Amitava
2004Chemical routes to GeS2 and GeSe2 nanowiresNath, Manashi; Choudhury, Amitava; Rao, C N R
2003-03-24Amine-Templated Linear Vanadium Sulfates with Different Chain StructuresPaul, G; Choudhury, Amitava; Nagarajan, R; Rao, C N R
2003-09The first organically templated linear metal selenatePasha, Intyaj; Choudhury, Amitava; Rao, C N R
2003-01An organically templated open-framework cadmium selenitePasha, Intyaj; Choudhury, Amitava; Rao, C N R
2002-07-01Supramolecular hydrogen-bonded structure of a 1 : 2 adduct of melamine with boric acidRoy, Abhijit; Choudhury, Amitava; Rao, C N R
2002Organically Templated Mixed-Valent Iron Sulfates Possessing Kagome and Other Types of Layered NetworksPaul, Geo; Choudhury, Amitava; Sampathkumaran, E V; Rao, C N R
2003-04-01Properties of a mixed-valent iron compound with the kagome latticeRao, C N R; Paul, Geo; Choudhury, Amitava; Sampathkumaran, E V; Raychaudhuri, Arup K; Ramasesha, S; Rudra, I