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Title: Enhancement of ferromagnetism by Co and Ni substitution in the perovskite LaBiMn2O6+d
Authors: Kundu, Asish K
Pralong, V
Caignaert, V
Rao, C N R
Raveau, B
Keywords: Transitions
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Royal Society Chemistry
Citation: Journal of Materials Chemistry 17(31), 3347-3353 (2007)
Abstract: The substitution of cobalt and nickel for manganese in the perovskite manganate LaBiMn2O6+delta. has been realized, leading to the perovskites LaBiMn2-MxO6+delta, with M = Co, Ni and 0 <= x <= 2/3. In contrast to the literature these phases are found to be orthorhombic with Pnma symmetry. More importantly, it is shown that ferromagnetism is enhanced, TC being increased from 80 K for the parent compound (x = 0) to 97 K for the Ni phase, and to 130 K for the Co phase. Moreover, strong competition between ferromagnetism and a glassy- ferromagnetic state in the case of nickel or spin- glass behaviour in the case of cobalt is observed. These phenomena are interpreted in the frame of a phase separation scenario, where the ferromagnetic Mn4+/Ni2+ and Mn4+/Co2+ interactions reinforce the Mn3+/Mn4+ interactions. These compounds are found to be insulating with a relatively large positive value of thermoelectric power.
Other Identifiers: 0959-9428
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