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Title: Soft chemical routes to semiconductor nanostructures
Authors: Gautam, Ujjal k
Sardar, Kripasindhu
Deepak, F L
Rao, C N R
Keywords: soft-chemical route
semiconductor nanocrystal
liquid-liquid interface
Liquid-Liquid Interface
Solvothermal Route
Gallium Nitride
Issue Date: Oct-2005
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Pramana-Journal of Physics 65(4), 549-564 (2005)
Abstract: Soft chemistry has emerged as an important means of generating nanocrystals, nanowires and other nanostructures of semiconducting materials. We describe the synthesis of CdS and other metal chalcogenide nanocrystals by a solvothermal route. We also describe the synthesis of nanocrystals of AlN, GaN and InN by the reaction of hexamethyldisilazane with the corresponding metal chloride or metal cupferronate under solvothermal conditions. Nanowires of Se and Te have been obtained by a, self-seeding solution-based method. A single source precursor based on urea complexes of metal chlorides gives rise to metal nitride nanocrystals, nanowires and nanotubes. The liquid-liquid interface provides an excellent medium for preparing single-crystalline films of metal chalcogenides
Other Identifiers: 0304-4289
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