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dc.contributor.advisorVasu, Sheeba-
dc.contributor.authorDas, Antara-
dc.identifier.citationDas, Antara. 2016, The role of temperature sensitive ion channel dTRPA1 in modulating rhythmic activity/rest behaviour in drosophila melanogaster, Ph.D thesis, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluruen_US
dc.description.abstractOrganisms detect and respond to various sensory stimuli in the environment. Amongst several abiotic factors, appropriate temperature is crucial for optimal development, growth and reproduction of organisms, and plays a vital role in regulating many physiological, biochemical and metabolic processes whereas extreme high or low temperatures can be detrimental to survival. Temperature of a given geographical location depends upon a number of factors such as the latitude, altitude, distance from sea or other water bodies, vegetation, wind conditions etc. Climatic specifications of the region have a large influence on the habitat and geographic distribution of a species. Besides these climatic factors, the rotation of the earth around its own axis changes the temperature in a daily fashion (being hot during the day and cold during the night). Furthermore, the fact that the Earth’s axis has an ~ 23 degree tilt in relation to its equatorial or rotational axis gives rise to seasonality which also heavily influences annual changes in temperature.en_US
dc.publisherJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Researchen_US
dc.rights© 2016 JNCASR-
dc.subjectDrosophila melanogasteren_US
dc.subjectRhythmic activityen_US
dc.subjectCircadian neuronsen_US
dc.titleThe role of temperature sensitive ion channel dTRPA1 in modulating rhythmic activity / rest behaviour in drosophila melanogasterThe role of temperature sensitive ion channel dTRPA1 in modulating rhythmic activity/ rest behaviour in drosophila melanogasteren_US
dc.publisher.departmentEvolutionary and Integrative Biology Unit (EIBU)en_US
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