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Title: Raman investigations of diamond films prepared by combustion flames
Authors: Harshavardhan, K S
Vijayaraghavan, M N
Chandrabhas, Narayana
Sood, A K
Keywords: Physics, Applied
Raman Investigations
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Chemical Bonds
Raman Spectra
Silicon Carbides
Amorphous State
Issue Date: 8-May-1990
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics, 68(7), 3303-3306 (1990)
Abstract: A detailed Raman analysis has been carried out to establish the mixed nature of carbon bonding in diamond films, deposited at atmospheric pressures in combustion flames. By monitoring the Sp3 bonded 1334 cm-! Raman signature of diamond and Sp2 bonded 1350 and 1580 cm- 1 signatures of graphite, it has been established that under optimum conditions of flow rates and substrate temperatures, the primary combustion zone provides an ideal situation for diamond growth. The study points out to an a-Si, x ex like interface (O.5<x< 1) and an amorphous diamondlike precursor phase. These investigations provide insights into the nature of the diamond films prepared by this technique in establishing their potential in various technological applications.
ISSN: 0021-8979
Other Identifiers: 1089-7550 (online)
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