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Title: Temperature dependent magnetic, dielectric and Raman studies of partially disordered La2NiMnO6
Authors: Kumar, Pradeep
Ghara, Somnath
Rajeswaran, B.
Muthu, D. V. S.
Sundaresan, A.
Sood, A. K.
Keywords: Condensed Matter Physics
Spin-Phonon Coupling
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd
Citation: Kumar, P; Ghara, S; Rajeswaran, B; Muthu, DVS; Sundaresan, A; Sood, AK, Temperature dependent magnetic, dielectric and Raman studies of partially disordered La2NiMnO6. Solid State Communications 2014, 184, 47-51,
Solid State Communications
Abstract: We report a detailed magnetic, dielectric and Raman studies on partially disordered and biphasic double perovskite La2NiMnO6. DC and AC magnetic susceptibility measurements show two magnetic anomalies at T-C1 similar to 270 K and T-C2 similar to 240 K, which may indicate the ferromagnetic ordering of the monoclinic and rhombohedral phases, respectively. A broad peak at a lower temperature (T-sg similar to 70 K) is also observed indicating a spin-glass transition due to partial anti-site disorder of Ni2+ and Mn4+ ions. Unlike the pure monoclinic phase, the biphasic compound exhibits a broad but a clear dielectric anomaly around 270 K which is a signature of magneto-dielectric effect. Temperature-dependent Raman studies between the temperature range 12-300 K in a wide spectral range from 220 cm(-1) to 1530 cm(-1) reveal a strong renormalization of the first as well as second-order Raman modes associated with the (Ni/Mn)O-6 octahedra near T-C1 implying a strong spin-phonon coupling. In addition, an anomaly is seen in the vicinity of spin-glass transition temperature in the temperature dependence of the frequency of the anti-symmetric stretching vibration of the octahedra. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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ISSN: 0038-1098
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