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Title: Liquefaction record of the great 1934 earthquake predecessors from the north Bihar alluvial plains of India
Authors: Rajendran, C. P.
John, Biju
Rajendran, Kusala
Sanwal, Jaishri
Keywords: Geochemistry & Geophysics
1934 Bihar-Nepal earthquake
Earthquake recurrence
Bihar Plains
Regenerative-Dose Protocol
Himalayan Earthquakes
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Rajendran, C. P.; John, B.; Rajendran, K.; Sanwal, J., Liquefaction record of the great 1934 earthquake predecessors from the north Bihar alluvial plains of India. Journal of Seismology 2016, 20 (3), 732-745
Journal of Seismology
Abstract: The great 1934 Himalayan earthquake of moment magnitude (Mw) 8.1 generated a large zone of ground failure and liquefaction in north Bihar, India, in addition to the earthquakes of 1833 (Mw similar to 7.7) and 1988 (Mw 6.7) that have also impacted this region. Here, we present the results of paleoliquefaction investigations from four sites in the plains of north Bihar and one in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The liquefaction features generated by successive earthquakes were dated at AD 829-971, 886-1090, 907-1181, 1130-1376, 1112-1572, 1492-1672, 1733-1839, and 1814-1854. One of the liquefaction events dated at AD 829-971, 886-1090, and 907-1181 may correlate with the great earthquake of AD similar to 1100, recognized in an earlier study from the sections across the frontal thrust in central eastern Nepal. Two late medieval liquefaction episodes of AD 1130-1376 and 1492-1672 were also exposed in our sites. The sedimentary sections also revealed sandblows that can be attributed to the 1833 earthquake, a lesser magnitude event compared to the 1934. Liquefactions triggered by the 1934 and 1988 earthquakes were evident within the topmost level in some sections. The available data lead us to conjecture that a series of temporally close spaced earthquakes of both strong and large types, not including the infrequent great earthquakes like the 1934, have affected the Bihar Plains during the last 1500 years with a combined recurrence interval of 124 +/- 63 years.
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ISSN: 1383-4649
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