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Title: Localized Excitations and the Morphology of Cooperatively Rearranging Regions in a Colloidal Glass-Forming Liquid
Authors: Gokhale, Shreyas
Ganapathy, Rajesh
Nagamanasa, K. Hima
Sood, A. K.
Keywords: Physics
Supercooled Liquids
Dynamical Facilitation
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Gokhale, S.; Ganapathy, R.; Nagamanasa, K. H.; Sood, A. K., Localized Excitations and the Morphology of Cooperatively Rearranging Regions in a Colloidal Glass-Forming Liquid. Physical Review Letters 2016, 116 (6), 5
Physical Review Letters
Abstract: We develop a scheme based on a real space microscopic analysis of particle dynamics to ascertain the relevance of dynamical facilitation as a mechanism of structural relaxation in glass-forming liquids. By analyzing the spatial organization of localized excitations within clusters of mobile particles in a colloidal glass former and examining their partitioning into shell-like and corelike regions, we establish the existence of a crossover from a facilitation-dominated regime at low area fractions to a collective activated hopping-dominated one close to the glass transition. This crossover occurs in the vicinity of the area fraction at which the peak of the mobility transfer function exhibits a maximum and the morphology of cooperatively rearranging regions changes from stringlike to a compact form. Collectively, our findings suggest that dynamical facilitation is dominated by collective hopping close to the glass transition, thereby constituting a crucial step towards identifying the correct theoretical scenario for glass formation.
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ISSN: 0031-9007
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