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dc.contributor.authorPandeeswar, Makam
dc.contributor.authorSenanayak, Satyaprasad P.
dc.contributor.authorNarayan, K. S.
dc.contributor.authorGovindaraju, T.
dc.identifier.citationPandeeswar, M.; Senanayak, S. P.; Narayan, K. S.; Govindaraju, T., Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Charge-Transfer Hydrogel for Room-Temperature Organic Ferroelectric Thin-Film Devices. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016, 138 (26), 8259-8268
dc.identifier.citationJournal of the American Chemical Societyen_US
dc.descriptionRestricted Accessen_US
dc.description.abstractThe possibility of designing programmable thin-film supramolecular structures with spontaneous polarization widens the utility of facile supramolecular chemistry. Although a range of low molecular mass molecular single crystals has been shown to exhibit ferroelectric polarization, demonstration of stimuli-responsive, thin-film, solution-processable supramolecular ferroelectric materials is rare. We introduce aromatic pi-electron donor acceptor molecular systems responsive to multiple stimuli that undergo supramolecular chiral mixed stack charge-transfer (CT) coassembly through the tweezer-inclusion-sandwich process supported by hydrogen-bonding interactions. The structural synergy originating from hydrogen bonding and chiral CT interactions resulted in the development of spontaneous unidirectional macroscopic polarization in the crystalline nanofibrous hydrogel network, under ambient conditions. Moreover, the tunability of these interactions with optical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical stimuli allowed the design of multistate thin-film memory devices. Our design strategy of the supramolecular motif is expected to help the development of new molecular engineering strategies for designing potentially useful smart multicomponent organic electronics.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societyen_US
dc.rights@American Chemical Society, 2016en_US
dc.subjectExtraordinary Stabilityen_US
dc.subjectNaphthalene Diimideen_US
dc.subjectConjugated Polymersen_US
dc.subjectTransfer Complexesen_US
dc.titleMulti-Stimuli-Responsive Charge-Transfer Hydrogel for Room-Temperature Organic Ferroelectric Thin-Film Devicesen_US
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