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Title: New directions in supramolecular electronics
Authors: Jain, Ankit
George, Subi J.
Keywords: Materials Science
Surface-Initiated Polymerization
Double-Channel Photosystems
Charge-Transfer Nanostructures
Conjugated Polythiophene Core
Templated Stack Exchange
Cylindrical Micelles
Diblock Copolymers
Coaxial Nanotubes
Transfer Cascades
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd
Citation: Materials Today
Jain, A.; George, S. J., New directions in supramolecular electronics. Materials Today 2015, 18 (4), 206-214.
Abstract: Supramolecular organic electronics embodies one of the biggest promises made by supramolecular functional materials. Huge advancements have been made with regard to its theoretical and functional understanding over the past few decades. Among a lot of the unsolved problems that still exist, this review takes a look at a few that can be circumvented owing to some of the recent works. We have taken a critical look at supramolecular aspects of domain control, monodispersity and control of dynamics of pi-conjugated molecular assemblies. We have discussed the most promising recent approaches in relevance to supramolecular electronics.
Description: Restricted access
ISSN: 1369-7021
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