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Title: Structure and physical properties of RE2AgGe3 (RE = Ce, Pr, Nd) compounds
Authors: Sarkar, Sumanta
Mumbaraddi, Dundappa
Halappa, Pramod
Kalsi, Deepti
Rayaprol, Sudhindra
Peter, Sebastian C.
Keywords: Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Heavy-Fermion Behavior
Ge System
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Academic Press Inc, Elsevier Science
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry
Sarkar, S.; Mumbaraddi, D.; Halappa, P.; Kalsi, D.; Rayaprol, S.; Peter, S. C., Structure and physical properties of RE2AgGe3 (RE = Ce, Pr, Nd) compounds. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2015, 229, 287-295.
Abstract: We have synthesized the compounds RE2AgGe3 (RE = Ce, Pr, Nd) by arc melting. The crystal structure obtained from single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction suggests that these compounds crystallize in the alpha-ThSi2 structure type. The magnetic susceptibility data of Ce2AgGe3 follows Curie-Weiss (CW) law above 25 K without any magnetic ordering down to 2 K. The effective magnetic moment (mu(eff)) was calculated as 2.53 mu(B)/Ce and negative Curie paramagnetic temperature (theta(p)) = -2.4 K hint weak antiferromagnetic coupling among the adjacent spins. Pr2AgGe3 shows a complex magnetic behavior wherein the magnetic susceptibility at field cooled and zero field cooled modes bifurcates at 11.5 K with the latter undergoing a cusp like maxima, probably due to weak ferromagnetic interaction. The theta(p) and mu(eff) obtained are 4 K and 4.33 mu(B)/Pr, respectively. Nd2AgGe3 undergoes multiple magnetic transitions. Temperature dependent resistivity data reveals that three compounds are metallic in nature. (C) 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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ISSN: 0022-4596
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