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Title: Crystal structure and properties of tetragonal EuAg4In8 grown by metal flux technique
Authors: Subbarao, Udumula
Sarkar, Sumanta
Peter, Sebastian C.
Keywords: Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Crystal structure
Crystal growth
Ordered Superstructure
Hyperfine Interactions
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Academic Press Inc, Elsevier Science
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry
Subbarao, U.; Sarkar, S.; Peter, S. C., Crystal structure and properties of tetragonal EuAg4In8 grown by metal flux technique. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2015, 226, 126-132.
Abstract: The compound EuAg4In8 has been obtained as single crystals in high yield from reactions run in liquid indium. X-ray diffraction on single crystals suggests that EuAg4In8 crystallizes in the CeMn4Al8 structure type, tetragonal space group I4/mmm with lattice constants a= b =9.7937(2) angstrom and c=5.7492(2) angstrom. Crystal structure of EuAg4In8 is composed of pseudo Frank-Kasper cages occupied by one europium atom in each ring, which are shared through the corner along the ab plane resulting in a three dimensional network. The magnetic susceptibility of EuAg4In8 was measured in the temperature range 2-300 K, which obeyed Curie-Weiss law above 50 K. Magnetic moment value calculated from the fitting indicates the presence of divalent europium, which was confirmed by X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy. Electrical resistivity measurements suggest that EuAg4In8 is metallic in nature with a probable Fermi liquid behavior at low temperature. (C) 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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ISSN: 0022-4596
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