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Title: Rare earth (RE - Ce, Gd) modified Nd1-xRExFeAsO0.7F0.3 superconductor with enhanced magneto-transport properties
Authors: Aswathy, P. M.
Anooja, J. B.
Varghese, Neson
Chandrakanth, C. K.
Kumar, N. Devendra
Sundaresan, A.
Syamaprasad, U.
Keywords: Chemistry
Layered Quaternary Compound
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: RSC Advances
Aswathy, P. M.; Anooja, J. B.; Varghese, N.; Chandrakanth, C. K.; Kumar, N. D.; Sundaresan, A.; Syamaprasad, U., Rare earth (RE - Ce, Gd) modified Nd1-xRExFeAsO0.7F0.3 superconductor with enhanced magneto-transport properties. RSC Advances 2015, 5 (52), 41484-41492.
Abstract: The influence of rare earth (RE - Ce, Gd) doping at the Nd site in the NdFeAsO0.7F0.3 superconductor wherein Ce and Gd have ionic radii in the order Ce > Nd > Gd is investigated. The structural and superconductivity characterization of the pure and doped samples show that Ce doping enhances the T-C of Nd1-xRExFeAsO0.7F0.3 to a maximum of 53.6 K at x = 0.1 while Gd doping attains a T-C of 55.1 K at x = 0.15. Interestingly, both Ce and Gd doping create neither secondary phases nor precipitates within the detection limit of XRD. However, the lattice defects due to Ce and Gd doping modifies NdFeAsO0.7F0.3 and assists in pinning the flux lines on these defects thereby exhibiting an enhanced J(C)(H) performance especially at high fields. It is also observed that the relatively small ionic size of Gd is more effective in T-C enhancement, while the lattice defects due to larger ionic size of Ce favor the remarkable enhancement of J(C)(H).
Description: Restricted access
ISSN: 2046-2069
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