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Title: Chronobiotic effect of melatonin following phase shift of light/dark cycles in the field mouse Mus booduga
Authors: Singaravel, M
Sharma, V K
Subbaraj, R
Nair, Ν Gopukumar
Keywords: melatonin
circadian rhythm
locomotor activity
Mus booduga
Mammalian Circadian Clock
Accelerates Reentrainment
Activity Rhythms
Work Schedules
Response Curve
Dark Cycle
Issue Date: Dec-1996
Publisher: Indian Academy Sciences
Citation: Journal of Biosciences 21(6), 789-795 (1996)
Abstract: The objective of this study was to assess whether melatonin accelerates the reentrainment of locomotor activity after 6 h of advance and delay phase shifts following exposure to LD 12:12 cycle (simulating jet-lag/shift work). An experimental group of adult male held mice Mus booduga were subjected to melatonin (1 mg/kg) through i.p. and the control group were treated with 50% DMSO. The injections were administered an three consecutive days following 6 h of phase advance and delay, at the expected time of ''lights off''. The results show that melatonin accelerates the re-entrainment after phase advance (29%) when compared with control mice, In the 6 h phase delay study, the experimental mice (melatonin administered) take more cycles for re-entrainment (51%) than the control. Further, the results suggest that though melatonin may be useful for the treatment of jet-lag caused by eastward flight (phase advance) it may not be useful for westward flight (phase delay) jet-lag.
Other Identifiers: 0250-5991
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