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Title: Reversible Pressure-Induced Amorphization in Solid C70-Raman and Photoluminescence Study
Authors: Narayana, Chandrabhas
Sood, A K
Muthu, D V S
Bharathi, A
Hariharan, Y
Rao, C N R
Keywords: Single-Crystals
Issue Date: 19-Dec-1994
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review Letters 73(25), 3411-3414 (1994)
Abstract: We have studied single crystals of C70 by Raman scattering and photoluminescence in the pressure range from 0 to 3 1.1 GPa. The Raman spectrum at 3 1.1 GPa shows only a broadband similar to that of the amorphous carbon without any trace of the Raman lines of CT0. After releasing the pressure from 3 1.1 GPa, the Raman and the photoluminescence spectra of the recovered sample are that of the starting C70 crystal. These results indicate that the C70 molecules are stable up to 3 1.1 GPa and the amorphous carbon high pressure phase is reversible, in sharp contrast to the results on solid Cm. A qualitative explanation is suggested in terms of intermolecular versus intramolecular interactions.
Other Identifiers: 0031-9007
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