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Title: Synthesis of Cuprates of Perovskite Structure in the Ba-Pb-Cu-O, Ba-Bi-Cu-O, and Ba-Pb-Tl-Cu-O Systems: Possible High Tc Superconductivity in a Perovskite-like Phase in the Ba-Pb-Tl-Cu-O System
Authors: Manivanan, V
Gopalakrishnan, J
Rao, C N R
Keywords: High-Temperature Superconductors
Cuprates of Perovskite
Cubic cuprates
Issue Date: Mar-1994
Publisher: Academic Press Inc JNL-Comp Subscriptions
Citation: Journal Of Solid State Chemistry 109(1), 205-209 (1994)
Abstract: Cubic cuprates (a ∼ 18.6 Å) with a BaCuO2-type structure were obtained in the Ba-Pb-Cu-O and Ba-Bi-Cu-O systems by the reaction of the component oxides at a high temperature (1370-1420 K), followed by quenching. By annealing these phases in oxygen at 1070-1120 K, perovskite-like phase (a ∼ 4.3 Å) of the formulae BaPb1-xCuxO3-y and BaBi1-xCuxO3-y (0 < x ≤ 0.5) were obtained. A perovskite of nominal composition BaPb0.25Tl0.25 Cu0.5O3-y, prepared by a similar procedure, was found to be superconducting with a Tc of ∼ 70 K.
Description: Letter. Restricted Access.
Other Identifiers: 0022-4596
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