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Title: Metal-Filled and Hollow Carbon Nanotubes Obtained by the Decomposition of Metal-Containing Free Precursor Molecules
Authors: Sen, Rahul
Govindaraj, A
Rao, C N R
Keywords: Microtubules
Issue Date: Oct-1997
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Chemistry Of Materials 9(10), 2078-2081 (1997)
Abstract: Vapor-phase pyrolysis of Fe(CO)(5) in the presence of another carbon source such as CO or Ca He yields iron-filled or hollow nanotubes depending on the relative concentration of the carbon source. Essentially single-walled nanotubes are obtained when the C6H6/Fe(CO)(5) ratio is high. Pyrolysis of metallocenes yields metal-filled nanotubes and hollow nanotubes are obtained when metallocenes are pyrolyzed along with benzene. Metal-decorated nanotubes are also obtained by this method.
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Other Identifiers: 0897-4756
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