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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Changes in the electronic structure and properties of graphene induced by molecular charge-transferDas, Barun; Voggu, Rakesh; Rout, Chandra Sekhar; Rao, C N R
2009Characterization of Nanomaterials by Physical MethodsRao, C N R; Biswas, Kanishka
2010-09-23Charge-transfer with graphene and nanotubesRao, C N R; Voggu, Rakesh
2014A highly crystalline single Au wire network as a high temperature transparent heaterRao, K. D. M.; Kulkarni, G. U.
2004-10-15Inorganic nanotubesTenne, Reshef; Rao, C N R
2014Large area defrosting windows based on electrothermal heating of highly conducting and transmitting Ag wire meshKiruthika, S.; Gupta, Ritu; Kulkarni, G. U.
2002-09Nanostructured advanced materials. Perspectives and directionsJortner, Joshua; Rao, C N R
2001-02-16NanotubesRao, C N R; Satishkumar, B C; Govindaraj, A; Nath, Manashi
2004-11Nanotubes and nanowiresRao, C N R; Govindaraj, A; Gundiah, Gautam; Vivekchand, S R C
2010-07-20Novel nanocomposites made of boron nitride nanotubes and a physical gelSamanta, Suman K; Gomathi, A; Bhattacharya, Santanu; Rao, C N R
2008-05-28Semiconductor to metal transition in SWNTs caused by interaction with gold and platinum nanoparticlesVoggu, Rakesh; Pal, Shrinwantu; Pati, Swapan K; Rao, C N R
2014Solution processed large area fabrication of Ag patterns as electrodes for flexible heaters, electrochromics and organic solar cellsGupta, Ritu; Walia, Sunil; Hosel, Markus; Jensen, Jacob; Angmo, Dechan; Krebs, Frederik C.; Kulkarni, G. U.
2009-09Stable Dispersions of Metal Oxide Nanowires and Nanoparticles in Water, Dimethylformamide and TolueneGhosh, Sandeep; Gomathi, A; Rao, C N R
2011-09Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopy of composites of graphene with CdSe and CdS nanoparticlesMoses, Kota; Panchakarla, L S; Matte, H S S Ramakrishna; Govindarao, Bolla; Rao, C N R
2016Visibly Transparent HeatersGupta, Ritu; Rao, K. D. M.; Kiruthika, S.; Kulkarni, G. U.