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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016AVancomycin Derivative with a Pyrophosphate-Binding Group: A Strategy to Combat Vancomycin-Resistant BacteriaYarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Sarkar, Paramita; Samaddar, Sandip; Haldar, Jayanta
2015Broad Spectrum Antibacterial and Antifungal Polymeric Paint Materials: Synthesis, Structure-Activity Relationship, and Membrane-Active Mode of ActionHoque, Jiaul; Akkapeddi, Padma; Yadav, Vikas; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Uppu, Divakara S. S. M.; Konai, Mohini M.; Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Sanyal, Kaustuv; Haldar, Jayanta
2014Effect of amide bonds on the self-assembly of gemini surfactantsHoque, Jiaul; Gonuguntla, Spandhana; Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Aswal, Vinod K.; Haldar, Jayanta
2016Glycopeptide Antibiotic To Overcome the Intrinsic Resistance of Gram-Negative BacteriaYarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Sarkar, Paramita; Akkapeddi, Padma; Paramanandham, Krishnamoorthy; Shome, Bibek R.; Ravikumar, Raju; Haldar, Jayanta
2016Intracellular activity of a membrane-active glycopeptide antibiotic against meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infectionYarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Samaddar, Sandip; Haldar, Jayanta
2015Lipophilic vancomycin aglycon dimer with high activity against vancomycin-resistant bacteriaYarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Sarkar, Paramita; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Haldar, Jayanta
2014Membrane Active Phenylalanine Conjugated Lipophilic Norspermidine Derivatives with Selective Antibacterial ActivityKonai, Mohini M.; Ghosh, Chandradhish; Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Samaddar, Sandip; Haldar, Jayanta
2015Membrane Active Small Molecules Show Selective Broad Spectrum Antibacterial Activity with No Detectable Resistance and Eradicate BiofilmsHoque, Jiaul; Konai, Mohini M.; Gonuguntla, Spandhana; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Samaddar, Sandip; Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Haldar, Jayanta
2014Membrane Active Vancomycin Analogues: A Strategy to Combat Bacterial ResistanceYarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Akkapeddi, Padma; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Haldar, Jayanta
2015Membrane Disruption and Enhanced Inhibition of Cell-Wall Biosynthesis: A Synergistic Approach to Tackle Vancomycin-Resistant BacteriaYarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Samaddar, Sandip; Paramanandham, Krishnamoorthy; Shome, Bibek R.; Haldar, Jayanta
2015Membrane-Active Macromolecules Resensitize NDM-1 Gram-Negative Clinical Isolates to Tetracycline AntibioticsUppu, Divakara S. S. M.; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Kaviyil, Jyothi E.; Ravikumar, Raju; Paramanandham, Krishnamoorthy; Shome, Bibek R.; Haldar, Jayanta
2015-06-29Semi-synthetic glycopeptide antibiotics:strategies to combat acquired and intrinsic bacterial resistanceHaldar, Jayanta; Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu
2015Tackling vancomycin-resistant bacteria with 'lipophilic-vancomycin-carbohydrate conjugates'Yarlagadda, Venkateswarlu; Konai, Mohini M.; Manjunath, Goutham B.; Ghosh, Chandradhish; Haldar, Jayanta