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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Circadian organization and mechanisms of entrainment in populations of drosophila melanogaster selected for divergent timing of eclosionVasu, Sheeba; Lakshman, Abhilash
2013Circadian rhythms in fruit flies drosophila under natural conditionsVasu, Sheeba; De, Joydeep
2019Clocking sleep : Role of dorsolateral clock neurons in the sleep circuit of drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Roy, Saheli
2014A comparative study of circadian behaviours and the underlying neuronal correlates of five drosophilid speciesVasu, Sheeba; Priya, M.P.
2016dTRPA1 in Non-circadian Neurons Modulates Temperature-dependent Rhythmic Activity in Drosophila melanogasterDas, Antara; Holmes, Todd C.; Vasu, Sheeba
2015-04-06Effects of temporally controlled huntingtin expression and autophagy upregulation in drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Ganguly, Payel
2019Elucidating the role of ATG8a in mediating rescue of circadian rhythm in a fly model of huntington's diseaseVasu, Sheeba; Sharma, Ankit
2018-11-15Evaluating the role of circadian clock properties and developmental processes in the evolution of accurate eclosion rhythms in drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Varma, Vishwanath
2018-03-15Interaction between circadian neurons and sleep homeostat to regulate sleep/wake cycles in Drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Potdar, Sheetal
2021Investigating the role of Innexins in Drosophila melanogaster circadian pacemaker neuronsVasu, Sheeba; Iyer, Aishwarya Ramakrishnan
2012Large and small ventral lateral neurons play vital roles in circadian arousal circuits in drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Potdar, Sheetal
2008-01-02Pigment dispersing factor-dependent and -independent Circadian locomotor behavioral rhythmsVasu, Sheeba; Sharma, V K; Gu, Huaiyu; Chou, Yu-Ting; O’Dowd, Diane K; Holmes, Todd C
2019Preliminary characterisation of aggregation behaviour in drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Kulkarni, Rutvij
2001Probing the adaptive significance of circadian rhythms using drosophila melanogasterSharma, Vijay Kumar; Vasu, Sheeba
2016-02-26The role of temperature sensitive ion channel dTRPA1 in modulating rhythmic activity / rest behaviour in drosophila melanogasterThe role of temperature sensitive ion channel dTRPA1 in modulating rhythmic activity/ rest behaviour in drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Das, Antara
2019Significance of clock period for clock functions and development in drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Srivastava, Manishi
2017A tale of two species: clock properties and sleep characteristics of drosophila melanogaster and drosophila ananassaeVasu, Sheeba; Kundu, Pritha