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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Collective motion in a suspension of micro-swimmers that run-and-tumble and rotary diffuseKrishnamurthy, Deepak; Subramanian, Ganesh
2021-07Convective transport from drops in complex shearing flowsSubramanian, Ganesh; V N, Sabarish
2016The effect of inertia on the orientation dynamics of anisotropic particles in simple shear flowDabade, Vivekanand; Marath, Navaneeth K.; Subramanian, Ganesh
2015Effects of inertia and viscoelasticity on sedimenting anisotropic particlesDabade, Vivekanand; Marath, Navaneeth K.; Subramanian, Ganesh
2014Field and laboratory experiments on aerosol-induced cooling in the nocturnal boundary layerMukund, V.; Singh, D. K.; Ponnulakshmi, V. K.; Subramanian, Ganesh; Sreenivas, K. R.
2021The flow topology around anisotropic particles in planar shearing flows and discretization of stochastic partial differential equationsSubramanian, Ganesh; Ansumali, Santosh; Banerjee, Mahan Raj
2014-07-07Heat transfer from drops in shearing flows and collective motion in micro-scale swimmer suspensionsSubramanian, Ganesh; Krishnamurthy, Deepak
2020Instabilities of rotating liquid columns and orientation dynamics of spheroids in shearing flowsSubramanian, Ganesh; Kumar Dubey, Pulkit
2014An inviscid modal interpretation of the 'lift-up' effectRoy, Anubhab; Subramanian, Ganesh
2014Linearized oscillations of a vortex column: the singular eigenfunctionsRoy, Anubhab; Subramanian, Ganesh
2016-10-06The orientation dynamics of anisotropic particles in shearing flowsSubramanian, Ganesh; Marath, Navaneeth Kizhakke
2009Orientation dynamics of anisotropic particles in viscoelastic fluidsSubramanian, Ganesh; Dabade, Vivekanand
2015Preferential concentration driven instability of sheared gas-solid suspensionsKasbaoui, M. Houssem; Koch, Donald L.; Subramanian, Ganesh; Desjardins, Olivier
2009The Ramdas layer remains a micro-meteorological puzzleSubramanian, Ganesh; Sreenivas, K.R.; Mukund, V.; Ponnulakshmi, V.K.
2014-11-18; 2014The role of radiation in the nocturnal boundary layer : the origin of the lifted temperature minimumSubramanian, Ganesh; Ponnulakshmi, V.K.
2014Rotational motion of a thin axisymmetric disk in a low Reynolds number linear flowSingh, Vikram; Koch, Donald L.; Subramanian, Ganesh; Stroock, Abraham D.
2013-11-18; 2013Singular eigen functions in hydrodynamic stability : The roles of rotation, stratification and elasticityGovindarajan, Rama; Subramanian, Ganesh; Roy, Anubhab
2015-10-29The spectrum of the elastic rayleigh equationSubramanian, Ganesh; Reddy, J.Shashi Kiran
2014Stochastic dynamics of active swimmers in linear flowsSandoval, Mario; Marath, Navaneeth K.; Subramanian, Ganesh; Lauga, Eric
2020Swimmer suspensions: fluctuations, microstructure and rheologySubramanian, Ganesh; Nambiar, Sankalp