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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10-14Development of LIF based tomography technique for studying turbulent shear flowsSreenivas, K.R.; Singh, Kanwar Nain
2020The effect of polymer solutions on reverse flow in a pipe & vortex ringsSreenivas, K.R.; Shashank, H. J.
2005Effects of ambient viscosity on the entrainment and dynamics of a buoyant jetSreenivas, K.R.; Manikandan, M.S.
2009Experimental and numerical study of parametric dependence of lift in flapping flightSreenivas, K.R.; Samanta, Devranjan
2009An experimental study of mantle convectionSreenivas, K.R.; Prakash, Vivek N.
2005Experiments and numerical simulations of flapping wing flightSreenivas, K.R.; Shreyas, J.V.
2016-07-05Experiments on flapping flight under hovering conditionSreenivas, K.R.; Pande, Nakul
2008Field observations and laboratory simulation of the lifted temperature minimumSreenivas, K.R.; Mukund, V.
2013-11-05The impact of aerosols and land surface properties on the lifted temperature minimum in the nocturnal atmospheric boundary layer field and laboratory experimentsSreenivas, K.R.; Singh, Dhiraj Kumar
2010Investigation of the possible relation between precipitation and cosmic ray flux using wavelet analysisSreenivas, K.R.; Narasimha, Roddam; Arora, Kopal
2006Laboratory simulation of lifted temperature minimumSreenivas, K.R.; Tiwari, Punit
2010Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of salt-diapirsSreenivas, K.R.; Kumar, Dinesh
2008On stratified jets and wakes generated by a self-propelled bodySreenivas, K.R.; Asaithambi, Rajapandiyan
2009The Ramdas layer remains a micro-meteorological puzzleSubramanian, Ganesh; Sreenivas, K.R.; Mukund, V.; Ponnulakshmi, V.K.
2003Unsteady aerodynamics of flapping flightSreenivas, K.R.; Dhar, Binaya Kumar
2019Vortex ring evolution and wall interaction in polymer solutionsSreenivas, K.R.; Hegde, Swastik