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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Adaptive Significance of Circadian ClocksSharma, V K
1996-12Chronobiotic effect of melatonin following phase shift of light/dark cycles in the field mouse Mus boodugaSingaravel, M; Sharma, V K; Subbaraj, R; Nair, Ν Gopukumar
2011Cyclic Presence and Absence of Conspecifics Alters Circadian Clock Phase But Does Not Entrain the Locomotor Activity Rhythm of the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogasterLone, Shahnaz Rahman; Sadanandappa, Madhumala K; Sharma, V K
1997-08Daylight and Artificial Light Phase Response Curves for the Circadian Rhythm in Locomotor Activity of the Field Mouse Mus boodugaSharma, V K; Chandrashekaran, M K; Nongkynrih, P
1998-07Entrainment Properties of the Circadian Locomotor Activity Rhythm of the Field Mouse Mus booduga under Complete and Skeleton Photoperiodic RegimesSharma, V K; Geetha, L; Chandrashekaran, M K
2006Jet lag and enhanced susceptibility to malariaKumar, C Jairaj; Sharma, V K; Kumar, Arunachalam
1999-09Persistence of Eclosion Rhythm in Drosophila melanogaster After 600 Generations in an Aperiodic EnvironmentSheeba, V; Sharma, V K; Chandrashekaran, M K; Joshi, A
2008-01-02Pigment dispersing factor-dependent and -independent Circadian locomotor behavioral rhythmsVasu, Sheeba; Sharma, V K; Gu, Huaiyu; Chou, Yu-Ting; O’Dowd, Diane K; Holmes, Todd C
2006-11-28Selection for early and late adult emergence alters the rate of pre-adult development in Drosophila melanogasterKumar, Shailesh; Vaze, Koustubh M; Kumar, Dhanya; Sharma, V K
2011Timekeeping Through Social Contacts: Social Synchronization of Circadian Locomotor Activity Rhythm in the Carpenter Ant Camponotus pariaLone, Shahnaz Rahman; Sharma, V K
1998-09Ultraviolet-light-evoked phase shifts in the locomotor activity rhythm of the field mouse Mus boodugaSharma, V K; Chandrashekaran, M K; Singaravel, M; Subbaraj, R