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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-06-23A Brillouin scattering study of La0.77Ca0.23MnO3 across the metal-insulator transitionSeikh, Md Motin; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Sudheendra, L; Sood, A K; Rao, C N R
2006-06A Brillouin study of the temperature-dependence of the acoustic modes across the insulator–metal transitions in V2O3 and Cr-doped V2O3Seikh, Md Motin; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Sood, A K; Murugavel, P; Kim, M W; Metcalf, P A; Honig, J M; Rao, C N R
2005-12A comparative study of the electron- and hole-doped compositions of single crystalline Nd1-x CaxMnO3 (x = 0.6 and 0.4) by Brillouin scatteringSeikh, Md Motin; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Cheetham, A K; Rao, C N R
2004-08Crystalline silica nanowiresDeepak, F L; Gundiah, Gautam; Seikh, Md Motin; Govindaraj, A; Rao, C N R
2004-06Effect of cation size and size-disorder on the magnetic and electron transport properties of La(0.7-x)Ln(x)Sr(0.3)MnO(3) (Ln = Gd and Dy)Seikh, Md Motin; Sudheendra, L; Rao, C N R
2004-10Magnetic properties of La(0.5-x)Ln(x)Sr(0.5)MnO(3) (Ln = Pr, Nd, Gd and Y)Seikh, Md Motin; Sudheendra, L; Rao, C N R
2004-05-03New Method of Purification of Carbon Nanotubes Based on Hydrogen TreatmentVivekchand, S R C; Govindaraj, A; Seikh, Md Motin; Rao, C N R
2005-07-06Novel effects of size disorder on the electronic and magnetic properties of rare earth manganates of the type La0.7−xLnxBa0.3MnO3 (Ln = Pr, Nd, Gd or Dy) with large average radius of the A-site cationsKundu, Asish K; Seikh, Md Motin; Ramesha, K; Rao, C N R
2002Synthesis and characterization of silicon carbide, silicon oxynitride and silicon nitride nanowiresGundiah, Gautam; Madhav, G V; Govindaraj, A; Seikh, Md Motin; Rao, C N R