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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Aggregation dynamics, structure, and mechanical properties of bigelsDi Michele, L.; Fiocco, D.; Varrato, F.; Sastry, Srikanth; Eiser, E.; Foffi, G.
2009Computer simulation study of phase behavior and structural relaxation in a gel modeled by three body interactionsSastry, Srikanth; Saw, Shibu
2016Critically jammedSastry, Srikanth
2014Diffusivity anomaly in modified Stillinger-Weber liquidsSengupta, Shiladitya; Vasisht, Vishwas V.; Sastry, Srikanth
2016Disentangling the role of structure and friction in shear jammingVinutha, H. A.; Sastry, Srikanth
2016Effect of total and pair configurational entropy in determining dynamics of supercooled liquids over a range of densitiesBanerjee, Atreyee; Nandi, Manoj Kumar; Sastry, Srikanth; Bhattacharyya, Sarika Maitra
2014Encoding of Memory in Sheared Amorphous SolidsFiocco, Davide; Foffi, Giuseppe; Sastry, Srikanth
2014Free volume distribution of nearly jammed hard sphere packingsMaiti, Moumita; Sastry, Srikanth
2015Free volume under shearMaiti, Moumita; Vinutha, H. A.; Sastry, Srikanth; Heussinger, Claus
2016Geometric aspects of shear jamming induced by deformation of frictionless sphere packingsVinutha, H. A.; Sastry, Srikanth
2015Kinetic and Thermodynamic Fragilities of Square Well Fluids with Tunable Barriers to Bond BreakingParmar, Anshul D. S.; Sastry, Srikanth
2016Length scales in glass-forming liquids and related systems: a reviewKarmakar, Smarajit; Dasgupta, Chandan; Sastry, Srikanth
2012Methods And Models For The Study Of Structure, Cold Denaturation And Aggregation Of ProteinsSastry, Srikanth; Maiti, Moumita
2014Nesting of thermodynamic, structural, and dynamic anomalies in liquid siliconVasisht, Vishwas V.; Mathew, John; Sengupta, Shiladitya; Sastry, Srikanth
2014Role of Structure and Entropy in Determining Differences in Dynamics for Glass Formers with Different Interaction PotentialsBanerjee, Atreyee; Sengupta, Shiladitya; Sastry, Srikanth; Bhattacharyya, Sarika Maitra
2016Short-Time Beta Relaxation in Glass-Forming Liquids Is Cooperative in NatureKarmakar, Smarajit; Dasgupta, Chandan; Sastry, Srikanth
2015Stochastic approach to plasticity and yield in amorphous solidsHentschel, H. G. E.; Jaiswal, Prabhat K.; Procaccia, Itamar; Sastry, Srikanth
2009Study of supercooled silicon liquid-liquid critical point structural and dynamical propertiesSastry, Srikanth; Vasisht, Viswas V
2006Topics in Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Electronic Structure of Supercooled LiquidsSastry, Srikanth; Sampangiraj, Ashwin S
2015Unraveling the success and failure of mode coupling theory from consideration of entropyNandi, Manoj Kumar; Banerjee, Atreyee; Sengupta, Shiladitya; Sastry, Srikanth; Bhattacharyya, Sarika Maitra