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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Algebraic instability and transient growth in stratified shear flowsGovindarajan, Rama; Bale, Rahul
2010A computational and semi-analytical study of laminar standing hydraulic jumpsGovindarajan, Rama; Dasgupta, Ratul
2007Direct numerical simulation of transition in unstably stratified poiseuille flowGovindarajan, Rama; Srinivasan, Kaushik
2011-06Global instabilities in diverging channel flowsSwaminathan, Gayathri; Sahu, Kirti Chandra; Sameen, A; Govindarajan, Rama
2010Global stability analysis of non-parallei flowsGovindarajan, Rama; Swaminathan, Gayathri
2007A linear stability analysis of the spatially-developing incompressible plane laminar mixing layer using minimal composite theoryNarasimha, Roddam; Govindarajan, Rama; Bhattacharya, Pinaki
2011-11-10Linear stability of double-diffusive two-fluid channel flowSahu, Kirti Chandra; Govindarajan, Rama
2012-11-21Merger of multiple vorticesGovindarajan, Rama; V.S, Rohith
2011-10-10Minimum energy shapes of one-side-pinned static drops on inclined surfacesThampi, Sumesh P; Govindarajan, Rama
2007Novel stability problems in pipe flowsGovindarajan, Rama; Sahu, Kirti Chandra
2003Numerical computation of spatially developing flows by full- multigrid techniqueGovindarajan, Rama; Sahu, Kirti Chandra
2005Simulation of nano-scale flows by molecular dynamics methodsGovindarajan, Rama; Sastry, Srikanth; Ghosh, Antina
2013-11-18; 2013Singular eigen functions in hydrodynamic stability : The roles of rotation, stratification and elasticityGovindarajan, Rama; Subramanian, Ganesh; Roy, Anubhab
2010Some studies on vortices with density stratificationGovindarajan, Rama; Dixit, Harish N.
2005Stability and transition in boundary layers: effect of transverse curvature and pressure gradientGovindarajan, Rama; Vinod, N.
2011-07Stability of a vortex in radial density stratification: role of wave interactionsDixit, Harish N; Govindarajan, Rama
2012Statics and dynamics of drops an solid surfaces : theory and simulationsGovindarajan, Rama; Thampi, Sumesh P.
2011-07Vortex shedding patterns, their competition, and chaos in flow past inline oscillating rectangular cylindersT, Srikanth; Dixit, Harish N; Tatavarti, Rao; Govindarajan, Rama
2011Vortex shedding patterns, their competition, and chaos in flow past inline oscillating rectangular cylindersGovindarajan, Rama; Srikanth, T.