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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Density waves and fluctuations in three-dimensional granular poiseuille flowAlam, Meheboob; Malik, Ashish
2017-11-16DSMC simulations of rarefied granular gases: hydrodynamics, rheology and segregationAlam, Meheboob; Gupta, Ronak
2013-10-31Dynamics of granular poiseuille flowAlam, Meheboob; Deepthi, S.
2018Experimental studies in buoyancy-driven exchange flows and turbulent jetAlam, Meheboob; Bharadwaj, Sunil V.
2019Experimental studies on taylor-couette flow of neutrally-buoyant suspensionsAlam, Meheboob; Ramesh, Prashanth
2015-10-19Experimental study of vertically vibrated granular matter: patterns and segregationAlam, Meheboob; Ansari, Mohammed Istafaul Haque
2012Experiments on vibrated granular materials : waves, convection and segregationAlam, Meheboob; Ansari, Mohammed Istafaul Haque
2014Higher-order effects on orientational correlation and relaxation dynamics in homogeneous cooling of a rough granular gasRongali, Ramakrishna; Alam, Meheboob
2011Kinetic theory and burnett order constitutive relations for a smooth granular gasAlam, Meheboob; Gupta, Vinay Kumar
2014Non-Newtonian stress, collisional dissipation and heat flux in the shear flow of inelastic disks: a reduction via Grad's moment methodSaha, Saikat; Alam, Meheboob
2017-07-31Nonlinear hydrodynamics and rheology of granular and gas-solid suspensionsAlam, Meheboob; Saha, Saikat
2014Nonlinear instability and convection in a vertically vibrated granular bedShukla, Priyanka; Ansari, Istafaul H.; van der Meer, Devaraj; Lohse, Detlef; Alam, Meheboob
2010Nonlinear stability, bifurcation and mode interaction in granular plane couette flowAlam, Meheboob; Shukla, Priyanka
2016Normal stress differences, their origin and constitutive relations for a sheared granular fluidSaha, Saikat; Alam, Meheboob
2015On Knudsen-minimum effect and temperature bimodality in a dilute granular Poiseuille flowAlam, Meheboob; Mahajan, Achal; Shivanna, Deepthi
2008Particle dynamics simulation of gravity driven granular poiseuille flowAlam, Meheboob; Chikkadi, Vijayakumar Kudleppa
2018-04-23Pattern formation and anomalous modes in axisymmetic, compressible Taylor-Couette FlowAlam, Meheboob; Aghor, Pratik
2016Pattern transition, microstructure, and dynamics in a two-dimensional vibrofluidized granular bedAnsari, Istafaul H.; Alam, Meheboob
2020Patterns and transport in axisymmetric compressible taylor-couette flow via direct numerical simulationsAlam, Meheboob; Dhar, Tanumoy
2015Plane shock waves and Haff's law in a granular gasReddy, M. H. Lakshminarayana; Alam, Meheboob