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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Characterization and functional analysis of a novel non-coding RNA (mrhl) from mouseRao, M.R.S.; Gayatri, G.
2009Chromatin remodeling during spermiogenesis: molecular components involved in nuclear import of transition protein 2 (TP2) and role of acetylation in modulating TP2 functionRao, M.R.S.; Marulasiddappa, Pradeepa Madapura
2014Insights into post-translational modifications of transtition proteins, TP1 and TP2 during mammalian spermiogenesisRao, M.R.S.; Gupta, Nikhil
2012Insights into the role of brdt in chromatin remodeling during rat spermiogenesisRao, M.R.S.; Dhar, Surbhi
2016Mrhl long non-coding RNA regulates Wnt mediated Sox8 gene expression during spermatogenesis through promoter interactionRao, M.R.S.; Kataruka, Shubhangini
2015Mrhl' long non-coding RNA : role in the regulation of Wnt signaling and gene expressionRao, M.R.S.; Suresh, Akhade Vijay
2015Regulation of SOX8 gene by a long non coding RNA mrhl in mouse spermatogonial cellsRao, M.R.S.; Meenakshi, P.
2017Role of TH2B serine 12 phosphorylation in mouse spermatogenesisRao, M.R.S.; Roy, Raktim
2019Studies on LncRNA Mrhl in mouse embryonic stem cells and neuronal lineage developmentRao, M.R.S.; Pal, Debosree
2016Studies on the interaction of DEAD box helicase p68 with mrhl long non coding RNARao, M.R.S.; Kayyar, Bhavana
2017Studies on the long non-coding RNA, MRHL in mouse embryonic stem cellsRao, M.R.S.; Neha, C.V.
2020Studies towards understanding the biological roles of TH2BS11ph histone mark and H1t linker histone variant in mammalian spermatogenesisRao, M.R.S.; Iyer, Aditya Mahadevan
2014-12-02; 2013Towards understanding the role of HILS1 in chromatin remodeling during spermiogenesisRao, M.R.S.; Mishra, Laxmi Narayan