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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973-08A Model for the Regulation of delta-Aminolaevulinate Synthetase Induction in Rat LiverPadmanaban, Govindarajan; Rao, M R S; Malathi, Krishnamachari
2006-01Molecular features of meiotic recombination hot spotsNishant, K T; Rao, M R S
2003-07-15Molecular modeling of the chromatosome particleBharath, M M S; Chandra, Nagasuma R; Rao, M R S
2008-07A novel association of a polymorphism in the Wrst intron of adiponectin gene with type 2 diabetes, obesity and hypoadiponectinemia in Asian IndiansVimaleswaran, Karani S; Radha, Venkatesan; Ramya, Kandaswamy; Babu, Hunsur Narayan Sathish; Savitha, Nageshappa; Roopa, Venkataramaiah; Monalisa, Dhar; Deepa, Raj; Ghosh, Saurabh; Majumder, Partha P; Rao, M R S; Mohan, Viswanathan
2008-05-15Novel Glioblastoma Markers with Diagnostic and Prognostic Value Identified through Transcriptome AnalysisReddy, Sreekanth P; Britto, Ramona; Vinnakota, Katyayni; Aparna, Hebbar; Sreepathi, Hari Kishore; Thota, Balaram; Kumari, Arpana; Shilpa, B M; Vrinda, M; Umesh, Srikantha; Samuel, Cini; Shetty, Mitesh; Tandon, Ashwani; Pandey, Paritosh; Hegde, Sridevi; Hegde, A S; Balasubramaniam, Anandh; Chandramouli, B A; Santosh, Vani; Kondaiah, Paturu; Somasundaram, Kumaravel; Rao, M R S
2008-07A novel noncoding RNA processed by Drosha is restricted to nucleus in mouseGanesan, Gayatri; Rao, M R S
2002-10-01A Novel Structure-Specific Endonuclease Activity Associated with Polypyrimidine-Tract Binding (PTB) Related Protein from Rat TestisHaldar, Devyani; Acharya, Samir; Rao, M R S
1975On the Sequence of Reactions Leading to Cytochrome P-450 Synthesis-Effect of DrugsRajamanickam, Chellam; Rao, M R S; Padmanaban, Govindarajan
2008-05PBEF1/NAmPRTase/Visfatin - A potential malignant astrocytoma/glioblastoma serum marker with prognostic valueReddy, P Sreekanth; Umesh, Srikantha; Thota, Balaram; Tandon, Ashwani; Pandey, Paritosh; Hegde, A S; Balasubramaniam, Anandh; Chandramouli, B A; Santosh, Vani; Rao, M R S; Kondaiah, Paturu; Somasundaram, Kumaravel
2005-11Peroxisome proliferative –activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1 alpha (PGC-1) gene polymorphisms and their relationship to Type 2 diabetes in Asian IndiansVimaleswaran, K S; Radha, V; Ghosh, S; Majumder, P P; Deepa, R; Babu, H N; Rao, M R S; Mohan, V
2003-12-26Phosphorylation of Rat Spermatidal Protein TP2 by Sperm-specific Protein Kinase A and Modulation of Its Transport into the Haploid NucleusUllas, Kolthur S; Rao, M R S
2002-10Prediction of an HMG-Box Fold in the C-Terminal Domain of Histone H1: Insights Into Its Role in DNACondensationBharath, M M S; Chandra, Nagasuma R; Rao, M R S
1997-01-03Preferential condensation of SAR-DNA by histone H1 and its SPKK containing octapeptide repeat motifKhadake, Jyoti R; Rao, M R S
1985-06A quantitative analysis of germ cells and the histone variants in the testes of vitamin A-deficient rats and during subsequent repletion with vitamin AUnni, Emmanual; Rao, M R S
2007-03Rage gene promoter polymorphisms and diabetic retinopathy in a clinic-based population from South IndiaRamprasad, S; Radha, V; Mathias, R A; Majumder, P P; Rao, M R S; Rema, M
1972The Relationship between Delta-Aminolaevulinate Synthetase Induction and the Concentrations of Cytochrome P-450 and Catalase in Rat LiverRao, M R S; Malathi, K; Padmanaban, G
2006-05Role of genetic polymorphism peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma 2 Pro12Ala on ethnic susceptibility to diabetes in South-Asian and Caucasian subjectsRadha, V; Vimaleswaran, Karani S; Babu, H N S; Abate, Nicola; Chandalia, Manisha; Satija, Pankaj; Grundy, Scott M; Ghosh, Saurabh; Majumder, Partha P; Deepa, Raj; Rao, M R S; Mohan, Viswanathan
2009-10Spatiotemporal Organization of AT- and GC-rich DNA and Their Association With Transition Proteins TP1 and TP2 in Rat Condensing SpermatidsKolthur-Seetharam, Ullas; Pradeepa, Madapura M; Gupta, Nikhil; Narayanaswamy, Rammohan; Rao, M R S
1990-12-25Stage-Dependent Changes In Localization Of A Germ Cell-Specific Lamin During Mammalian SpermatogenesisSudhakar, L; Rao, M R S
1983Structural organization of the meiotic prophase chromatin in rat testesRao, Basuthkar Jagadeeswar; Brahmachari, Samir K; Rao, M R S