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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Critical behavior of jamming transition in one-dimensional nonequilibrium modelsJain, Kavita; Priyanka
2016Critical dynamics of the jamming transition in one-dimensional nonequilibrium lattice-gas modelsPriyanka; Jain, Kavita
2016Deterministic evolution of an asexual population under the action of beneficial and deleterious mutations on additive fitness landscapesJain, Kavita; John, Sona
2010Dynamical properties of quasispecies model on correlated fitness landscapesJain, Kavita; Das, Gayatri
2015Dynamics of adaptation : role of extreme value domains, initial fitness and fitness correlationsJain, Kavita; Seetharaman, Sarada
2015Effect of drift, selection and recombination on the equilibrium frequency of deleterious mutationsJohn, Sona; Jain, Kavita
2017Evolution of large populations under the joint action of deleterious and beneficial mutationsJain, Kavita; John, Sona
2017Evolution of mutation rates in asexual populationsJain, Kavita; James, Ananthu
2016Fixation probability of rare nonmutator and evolution of mutation ratesJames, Ananthu; Jain, Kavita
2014Length of adaptive walk on uncorrelated and correlated fitness landscapesSeetharaman, Sarada; Jain, Kavita
2014Purifying Selection, Drift, and Reversible Mutation with Arbitrarily High Mutation RatesCharlesworth, Brian; Jain, Kavita
2015Real eigenvalues of non-Gaussian random matrices and their productsHameed, Sajna; Jain, Kavita; Lakshminarayan, Arul
2015Response of Polygenic Traits Under Stabilizing Selection and Mutation When Loci Have Unequal EffectsJain, Kavita; Stephan, Wolfgang
2014Two-point correlation function of an exclusion process with hole-dependent ratesPriyanka; Ayyer, Arvind; Jain, Kavita