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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Science and technology of nanomaterials: current status and future prospectsRao, C N R; Cheetham, A K
1998-10-21A Simple Ladder Tin Phosphate And Its Layered RelativeAyyappan, S; Bu, X; Cheetham, A K; Natarajan, Srinivasan; Rao, C N R
2002-10Sodalite networks formed by metal squaratesNeeraj, S; Noy, M L; Rao, C N R; Cheetham, A K
1996-12-01Structural changes and related effects due to charge ordering in Nd0.5Ca0.5MnO3Vogt, T; Cheetham, A K; Mahendiran, R; Raychaudhuri, A K; Mahesh, R; Rao, C N R
1999-09-07Synthesis and characterization of a three-dimensional open-framework lead(II) carboxyethylphosphonate, Pb-3(O2CCH2CH2PO3)(2)Ayyappan, S; de Delgado, G Diaz; Cheetham, A K; Ferey, G; Rao, C N R
1998-11Synthesis And Structural Characterization Of A Chiral Open-Framework Tin(Ii) Phosphate, [Cn3h6][Sn4p3o12] (Guan-Snpo)Ayyappan, S; Bu, X; Cheetham, A K; Rao, C N R
2004-10Synthesis and structure of [C3N2H5][Cu(H2PO4)(2)Cl]┬ĚH2O with a chain structure: the first example of an organically templated copper (II) phosphateNeeraj, S; Loiseau, T; Rao, C N R; Cheetham, A K
2000-02Synthesis, characterization and acid-base catalytic properties of ammonium-containing tin(ll) phosphates: [NH4][Sn4P3O12] and [NH4] [SnPO4]Ayyappan, S; Chang, J S; Stock, N; Hatfield, R; Rao, C N R; Cheetham, A K
2007A Three-Dimensional Lead 2,6-Dihydroxybenzoate with ChannelsThirumurugan, A; Suchethan, P A; Cheetham, A K; Rao, C N R
1998-11Tin(II) Oxalates Synthesized in the Presence of Structure-Directing Organic Amines: Members of a Potentially Vast Class of New Open-Framework and Related MaterialsAyyappan, S; Cheetham, A K; Natarajan, S; Rao, C N R