Library circulation policy

1.    All books must be returned/renewed on or before the due date. Loan policy as per the category of users is detailed below:              

User Category  No. of loanable items Loan Period  Renewal  Online renewal Fine
Faculty 12 items 90 days 1 (for 90 days)  yes (only through email) Rs. 1.00 / day after due date
Regular students /
Post-Doctoral Scientists / Research Associates    
6 items 30 days 3         No Rs. 1.00 / day after due date
Visiting students / Visiting scientists / Visiting fellows                 2 items   15 days 3 No  Rs. 1.00 / day after due date
R&D Assistants 2 items 15 days 3 No Rs. 1.00 / day after due date
Admin. staff / officers 2 items 15 days 3 No Rs. 1.00 / day after due date

Types of document and their loan period:

Type of Documents Loan Period
General Books and Textbooks  90 days (faculty); 30 or 15 days (others)
Reference books     Non-loanable
Loose issues of journals    
Bound Volumes of journals     30 days


2.    Books will not be considered returned until the settlement of fine and fine calculation continues.  Members may not borrow additional books until settlement of the fine.

3.    Online mode of renewal does not exist for library member other than faculty.  Books must be brought to the library circulation counter for each renewal/return.
4.    In case of lost books, borrower must either refund the current price of the books or purchase and replace the copy of book within a stipulated period.
5.    Books are loaned only to individual member accounts. Loan facility under the name of unit/section/laboratory or on behalf of any research group or any other library member is not permissible.
6.    Hold may be placed on the books which are on circulation. Books on hold will be loaned as per the sequence of hold placed. Preference will be given to a new borrower if the current borrower is found first in the hold queue.
7.    Library reserves the right to recall books before the due date if circumstances demand so.
8.    There is no separate loan policy for coursework titles as the loan period for faculty members has been extended upto 90 days + 1 renewal (total 180 days i.e. 6 months) along with an increase in number of loanable items.