Science Outreach Activities

Education Technology Unit

Science outreach programme at Gangolihat Uttarakhand (May 6-8, 2019) organised by Himalayan Gram Vikas Samiti, Uttarakhand and CNR Rao Hall of Science. Faculty members from JNCASR, IIT Bombay, and Kumaun University, Uttarakhand gave lectures and demonstrated experiments in Physics and Chemistry. ~150 XI & XII students from across Uttarakhand participated. 

International Year of the Periodic Table conducted at the J.N. Tata Auditorium, IISc, Bengaluru (May 29, 2019) and at Srujana Rangamandira, Karnataka College, Dharwad (September 6, 2019) organised by JNCASR, CeNS, and IISc (Bengaluru), Karnataka State Higher Education Academy, CeNS, and JNCASR (Dharwad). Prof. CNR Rao inaugurated the event and delivered a talk, “The periodic table”. Dr. Indumati Rao delivered a lecture on “The Agony and Ecstasy of Mendeleev’s Life”. Participants were shown various science demos on superconductivity and levitation and a display of the elements in their real states. A series of games and quizzes based on the periodic table were also conducted. ~850 PUC students and teachers (Bengaluru). ~750 PUC students and teachers (Dharwad) participated in this event.

2018 Prizes for Outstanding Science Teachers (July 2, 2019) organised by ETU. The award winners were Shri. B. S Gireesh and Shri. Ajay Kumar Bahri. The award function was followed by two lectures in Physics and Biology by Prof. A. K. Sood (IISc) and Prof. Sheeba Vasu (JNCASR), respectively. The event also comprised of a music recital by Ustad Rafique Khan & team. ~225 students (Class XI & XII) and teachers from various schools and colleges of Karnataka participated in this event. Interactive lecture programme in Chemistry organised by CNR Rao Hall of Science and ETU.

Aug 26th: Lectures by Prof. T. Govindaraju and Prof. Sridhar Rajaram of JNCASR, followed by a Q&A session.

Sept 19th : Lectures by Dr. Dasaradhi Palakodeti (NCBS) and Dr. Phalguni Anand Alladi (NIMHANS), followed by a Q&A session. In both events, students also visited the ‘Chemistry of Materials Exposition’ and the ‘Prof. C.N.R. Rao Archives’. ~125 school and 200 college students (Class XI and XII) and teachers participated.

Workshop on ‘Experiments Using College Chemistry Kit’ organised by CNR Rao Hall of Science and ETU. Post workshop, students also visited the ‘Chemistry of Materials Exposition’ and the ‘Prof. C.N.R. Rao Archives’.

Sept 23-24: 24 students and 4 teachers (Class XII) from Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Mysore.

Oct 4: 24 students and 2 teachers (Class XI & XII) from St. Claret PU College, MES ring road, Jalahalli.

Fellowships and Extension Programmes

Summer Research Fellowship Programme

A total of 147 students were offered fellowship under SRFP 2019, of which 128 availed the scholarship in various areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Engineering at research institutes in Bangalore and elsewhere in the country.

Visiting Fellowships Programme

The Centre received 23 applications for the Visiting Fellowships 2019-20 in different disciplines. Of these, 13 were selected under Physical Sciences, 3 were selected under Biological Sciences and 1 was selected under Engineering Sciences category.

Institutional Visits

A total of 257 students and 20 teachers from six colleges visited JNCASR campus and different
labs (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Engineering) during July to September 2019.

Project Oriented Chemistry
Education (POCE) 2019

Out of 385 students that applied, 10 were selected. Six students of POCE-2017-19 batch were awarded Diploma in Chemistry.

Project Oriented Biology
Education (POBE) 2019

Out of 453 applications, 11 students from 10 different states were selected. Ten students of POBE-2017-19 batch were awarded the Diploma in Biology.

Student Buddy Programme

The 2019 programme is under way and will run between the months of September- December. The first programme was conducted in October, wherein 35 students and 2 teachers from JNV-Bangalore Urban, Bagalur visited JNCASR on 1st October 2019.