Academic Activities and IP

Degree Programmes

A total of 50 students joined different degree programmes at the Centre through admissions in August 2019. Presently, 07 students had joined through the mid-year admissions in January 2019. On 2nd August, 2019, the Academic Office organised an Orientation Programme for new students. The current student strength of the Centre is now 339. The notification regarding admissions to M.S. (Engg./Research) and Ph.D. programme for the January session of 2019-20 has been advertised in newspapers, and announced on our website, with a deadline of October 27, 2019 for online applications.

Intellectual Property

Patents Granted

Indian Patent Office issued

Patent (No. 317610) for ‘Method of Oxidizing an Organic Compound’ developed by Prof. Chintamani
Nagesa Ramachandra Rao et al.

Patent (No. 316516) for ‘Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Defects for High Efficiency Emission’ developed by Prof. Ranjani Viswanatha et al.

Patent (No. 314430) for ‘A Method of Synthesising Intermetallic Compounds and Applications Thereof’ developed by Prof. Sebastian Chirambatte Peter et al.

Patent (No. 318791) for ‘A Process for Identification and Separation of Xylene Isomers’ developed by Prof. Ujjal Kam Gautam et al.

Applications Filed

Three Indian Provisional Patent Applications were filed for inventions developed by:

Prof. Kanishka Biswas et al. (Patent Appl. No. 201941028467, filed on 15/07/2019)

Prof. Maneesha Shreedhar Inamdar et al. (Patent
Appl. Nos. 201941039036 and 201941039037, filed on 26/09/2019)

Technical Research Centre (TRC)

TRC continues to support the JNCASR scientific community in translating scientific discoveries and technological inventions into products and services of industrial and societal relevance. In the last six months, TRC has been instrumental in building R&D commercialisation and innovation  promotion ecosystem by structuring industry-academia partnerships, out-licensing technologies and know-hows, setting-up platforms for two new start-ups, and initiating dialogues with multiple stakeholders of national and global ecosystems. TRC itself is set to be translated into a technology business incubator meant to support the entrepreneurship and R&D commercialisation ecosystem with partnership from internal and external stakeholders.

IP Licensing Agreement Signing at JNCASR on August 2, 2019
(From left to right – Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana (Dean R&D), Prof K.S. Narayan (President I/c), Dr. Chaitra Harsha (Vipragen Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. Chandrashekaran S., MD, (Vipragen Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. Kripa V. Jalapathy (TRC), Mr. Joydeep Deb (Administrative Officer), Sourabh Gargav (Head-Business Development & New Venture Creation,
TRC), Ms Ranjeetha Mary (TRC)

Recently, the TRC team out-licensed a set of antibacterial assets developed at Prof. Jayanta Haldar’s Lab at NCU and covered by three patents. The biotech company Vipragen Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. is securing resources and expertise required for further trials and development of the compounds, which are poised to work against resistant strains of bacteria.